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Step-by-Step Travel Guide to BAGUIO

Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is one of the destinations in the country frequented by tourists because of its cooler climate. Its cool temperature is attributed to its location which is 1,540 meters above sea level in Luzon’s tropical pine forests ecoregion. It is the reason

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10 Tourist Spots for Your BAGUIO ITINERARY

Baguio City has two names famously associated with it: “City of Pines”, and “Summer Capital of the Philippines.” This city in the mountains is a popular destination because of its cool weather and variety of attractions. It is also accessible by private and public transportation. The road improvements over the

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2018 • 06 • 26 Baguio is known as the ‘Summer Capital’ because of its year-round cool weather and proximity and accessibility to many cities to its north and south. The city has grown in popularity over the years. The developments in and just outside of it have made it

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