2024 SEPOC BEACH, BATANGAS Step-by-Step Travel Guide with Sample Day Trip and Overnight Itineraries

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Sepoc Beach in Tingloy, Batangas serves as a haven for urban dwellers in need of solitude and unwinding. Unlike other beaches on the island municipality, this privately owned slice of paradise offers exclusivity and a serene environment, ensuring a peaceful getaway for those looking to unplug and find some much-needed breathing space.

About Sepoc Beach

When I searched “Tingloy Batangas” on Google Maps, I noticed that it looks like a whale swimming between Batangas Bay and Balayan Bay along the Verde Island Passage. Sepoc Beach marks the right-side tip of the whale’s fluke or tail. Or maybe it’s just me. Haha! Well, anyway, Sepoc Beach, along with the rocky outcrop of Sepoc Point, marks the northwestern end of Maricaban Island in Tingloy, the sole island municipality in Batangas.

Sepoc Beach Tingloy Batangas
Sepoc Beach

The area is actually a small peninsula harboring a wide sandy beach, a rocky shore, and a sand pocket next to Sepoc Point. The surrounding waters showcase varying shades of blue and are teeming with diverse coral species and marine life. A small hill leads to a rocky cliff that serves as a viewpoint. This hill also isolates Sepoc from the rest of the island and the municipality, providing a perfect escape for those who want to disconnect for a while.

If you want to check this off your beach bucket list, here’s a travel guide to Sepoc Beach with tips and reminders to help you plan your trip.

How to Get There

Right this early, it’s important to know that Sepoc Beach Center is owned and managed by Eagle Point Resort, one of the popular dive resorts in Mabini, Batangas. Therefore, access to the beach is exclusive only to its guests. In short, the resort is your gateway to Sepoc Beach.

If you want more information on how to get to the resort, you can check out our Eagle Point Travel Guide article. But here’s a summary of traveling from Manila to Sepoc Beach.

Manila to Eagle Point Resort

You can travel from Manila to Eagle Point Resort by taking public transportation, driving your own vehicle, or booking a private transfer.

Public Transportation

Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal Bus

  1. First, board a bus going to Batangas City Grand Terminal. There are bus terminals in Buendia, PITX, SM Megamall, Cubao, Kamias, and Alabang. Travel time is around three hours, depending on the route and the traffic conditions. The fare is more or less P250 per person. You can also read our MANILA to BATANGAS Bus Guide article for more information.
  2. At Batangas City Grand Terminal, ride a jeepney to Mabini town center or Anilao Port. Transferring to a jeepney is easy because the Grand Terminal is a hub not only for buses but also for public vans and jeepneys. The travel time is about an hour and costs P60-70 per person.
  3. From Mabini town center or Anilao Port, charter a tricycle to Eagle Point Resort. The special trip usually costs around P150 per ride. It’s a good idea to coordinate with the resort in advance so they can arrange a specific pick-up point for you.

Travel Time: Approximately 4 hours


  • Bus (Manila to Grand Terminal): P240-250/person
  • Jeepney (Grand Terminal to Mabini): Town Center, P60/person; Anilao Port, P70/person
  • Special Tricycle Trip to Eagle Point Resort: P150/ride


Private Car

  1. Simply search “Eagle Point Resort” on Google Maps or Waze.
  2. From Manila, we took the South Luzon Expressway or SLEX. And then, we continued onto the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road or STAR Tollway and finally took the Batangas City Exit. The rest of the way, we trusted our chosen driving navigation app to get us to Eagle Point Resort.
  3. At the resort’s entrance gate, we confirmed our booking and then parked the car. The parking lot is right next to the entrance gate.

Travel Time: 3-4 Hours
Parking Fee: FREE


Private Transfer

If you are planning to book a private transfer service from Manila, the rate is usually between P6,500 and P7,000 for a maximum of eight (8) passengers. Note that the rate is only for one way and may change depending on the pick-up point in Manila.

Coordinate with the resort management for the pick-up point and time, vehicle details, and driver’s contact info. The next thing to do is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Rate: P6,500 – P7,000

  • Metro Manila to Eagle Point Resort
  • Good for up to 8 Pax
  • One-Way Trip


Eagle Point Resort to Sepoc Beach

Eagle Point Resort Boat Dock

  1. First, confirm your booking at the reception area. Upon your arrival at Eagle Point Resort, you will be escorted to the reception area. The front desk staff will assist you with the check-in process if you booked an overnight stay or confirm your reservation if you only availed of the day tour package.
  2. Second, proceed to the resort’s Boat Docking area. A staff member will accompany you to your assigned boat at the resort’s docking area.
  3. Finally, get on your assigned boat. The travel time from Eagle Point Resort to Sepoc Beach is 15-20 minutes if the waters are calm, but it can take 30 minutes or more if the waves are strong.

That’s it! Welcome to Sepoc Beach!

Travel Time:

  • If the waters are calm, 15-20 minutes.
  • If the waves are strong, around 30 minutes.

How to Book the Sepoc Tour

Here’s how to secure a slot for a trip to Sepoc Beach.

  1. Book an overnight stay at Eagle Point Resort or avail of its day tour package. Eagle Point Resort is your official jump-off point to Sepoc Beach. You can only avail of the Sepoc Tour if you stay overnight at the resort or book its day tour package. Meaning, you are not allowed to book the Sepoc Tour on its own.
  2. You are now eligible to book the Sepoc Tour. Note that the Day Tour Package fee is different from the Sepoc Tour Package.
  3. Pay all the necessary fees. These include boat fee, entrance fee, and environmental fee. If you want to have your lunch at Sepoc Beach, you can ask the resort to arrange it for you.

Here are the rates for Eagle Point Resort Day Tour Package and Sepoc Tour Package:

Resort Day Tour Package

  • Regular: P1,500/person
  • Kid (7-10 y/o): P840/child
  • Kid (6 y/o and below): FREE
  • Environmental Fee: P50/person. Note that 20% discount for senior citizens, PWDs, and children 6 y/o and below.

Day Tour Schedule: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Entrance Fee
Parking Fee
Set Lunch
Access to Resort Facilities

  • Split-level freshwater swimming pool with connecting slide
  • Saltwater reef pool
  • Game Room (billiards, table tennis, and board games)
  • Bar and Restaurant


Sepoc Beach Tour Rates

Boat Rental: P3,750 (Roundtrip)
Good for 8 Pax

Sepoc Entrance Fee

  • Adult: P300
  • Kid: P150
  • 6 y/o and Below: FREE

Tingloy Environmental Fee: P50/person

Where to Stay

At present, Sepoc Beach only offers amenities for day trips. Overnight camping and staying overnight at the beach is not possible as there are no lodging facilities available. However, you can book your accommodation at Eagle Point Resort, like what we did during our recent visit.

Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Resort Travel Guide & Tips

As Sepoc’s partner resort, Eagle Point provides guest rooms at The Terrace Hotel and overnight cottages. Here are the room rates:

Terrace Hotel Room Rates

  • Standard Room: P4,200 net/night
  • Superior Room: P6,900 net/night
  • Deluxe Room: P7,850 net/night
  • Hotel Suite Room: P10,150 net/night

One-Bedroom Cottage Rates

  • Superior Cottages: P6,000 net/night
  • Deluxe Cottages: P6,700 net/night
  • Lawyer’s Inn: P20,000 net/night
  • Casablanca Suite: P25,000 net/night


Top Resorts in Mabini, Batangas

Camp Netanya Resort Travel Guide

If you wish to explore other options, you will easily find one on the mainland that suits your budget and requirements. Here are other top-rated resorts to consider in Mabini, Batangas.

Top Hotels on Agoda

Top Hotels on Booking.com

If you want more suggestions with more details about each hotel, you can also check our Top 10 Beach & Dive Resorts in Anilao article.

Find more Batangas Hotels!



Things to Do

Sepoc Beach Center is where Eagle Point Resort usually takes its guests for a wonderful beach escape. In addition, this is where it holds corporate team-building activities and other group events. Whether you are planning a half-day or a full-day trip, below are some activities you can enjoy here.

Swim and beach bum.

Sepoc Main Beach
Sepoc Main Beach

The sand here is light and soft, mixed with pebbles and polished corals. The main beach area where the boats dock has a wider sandy coast. However, the eastern and western ends are more rugged and have larger pebbles and rocks. Most of the beach activities take place in front of the big open hut, which also serves as a pavilion with tables and chairs for guests.

Sepoc Main Beach and Pavilion
Sepoc Main Beach and Pavilion

This is also the main swimming area. Although the waters are generally calm, it’s important to note that when the waves are strong, it’s best to stay near the shore to avoid being carried into deeper waters, especially if you are not a strong swimmer or don’t know how to swim. Don’t forget to wear aqua shoes or protective footwear!



Sepoc Rocky Beach

If you continue past the pavilion, you will come across a path that leads to a small rocky beach. Swimming is not advised here, but you can enjoy a view of Sombrero Island.

Sepoc Point View

Another sand pocket is located near Sepoc Point. To get there, follow a pathway near the shower area or walk along the western part of the main beach towards Sepoc Point.


Trek to the viewpoint.

You’ll find the trailhead to the viewpoint on the right side of the pavilion, just before you reach the path leading to the back beach. It’s actually easy to spot. If you’re still unsure, just ask your boatman or a staff member.

Sepoc Viewpoint

Trekking the hill is quite easy. It normally takes 15 minutes to reach the top. After that, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surroundings and nearby Sombrero Island.


Go diving or snorkeling.

Sepoc View

The area around Sepoc Beach is abundant with diverse marine life and coral species. Two popular diving sites located nearby are Sepoc Wall and Mapating Rock. If you’re interested in arranging a diving tour, Eagle Point Resort can help. As always, it’s recommended to coordinate with them before your trip to secure your package and reservation.

For more info on diving packages and rates, you can check out our Eagle Point Travel Guide article or the resort’s official website.

Sepoc Back Beach

Meanwhile, snorkeling is a great option if you prefer to admire marine life from the surface. Feel free to ask the staff or your boatmen for the best snorkeling spots in the area. If you don’t have your own snorkeling gear, you can rent a snorkel set at Eagle Point for P300 per person.


Check out Sombrero Island.

Sombrero Island Tingloy Batangas
Sombrero Island

We decided to make a quick stop at Sombrero Island in the afternoon before heading back to Eagle Point Resort. Our boat couldn’t dock at the main beach on the eastern side of the island because of the strong waves, so our boatmen took us to a calmer spot on the opposite side instead. Fortunately, this is the best spot for snorkeling! We even got to see a turtle, although it swam away before we could capture it on video. It was still an amazing experience!

Sombrero Island Snorkeling Area
Sombrero Snorkeling Area

By the way, we paid an additional amount of P500 for this stop. If we could dock and set foot on the island, we would need to pay an entrance fee of P200 per person. The boat ride between Sepoc and Sombrero Island only takes about 10 minutes. From a distance, we spotted open huts with tables and chairs along the main beach on our way back to the resort.

Sombrero Island Main Beach
Sombrero Main Beach

TIP: If you want to add Sombrero Island to your Sepoc Tour itinerary, make a stop here first BEFORE heading to Sepoc Beach. We would have had a much better chance to dock at the main beach and explore the island compared to going there in the afternoon.


Go to other beaches of Tingloy.

If this is part of your itinerary, expect to start your day very early and prepare your wallet for additional fees. Let the resort management know if you want to include more stops for your trip, so they can prepare ahead of time. The rates depend on the number of stops and the distance.

Mang Oscar's Beach
Mang Oscar’s Beach photo taken by Astrid Alvarez in 2015

If you’re interested in beach hopping, Masasa Beach and Mang Oscar’s Beach are great options to explore. I’ve visited Mang Oscar’s Beach, though it was several years ago. Back then, it had a really rustic vibe with basic, open huts for people to crash in if they needed to.

Masasa Beach Travel Guide

Masasa Beach is undeniably the most popular choice in Tingloy, drawing in beach lovers and sun enthusiasts. The beach impresses with its crystal-clear waters displaying various shades of blue on a sunny day. If you want to add Masasa to your Sepoc Tour package, you need to pay an additional P4,000 for the boat fee.

Our team recently visited Masasa, and if you’d like more information, we’ve created a separate Masasa Beach Travel Guide article with sample itinerary and budget breakdown.


Sunset watching in Anilao/Mabini.

Sunset at Eagle Point Resort Mabini Batangas

The town of Mabini offers breathtaking views of the sunset, especially on its western coast. Take a moment to appreciate the sky as it turns into a natural canvas painted in stunning hues.

Where to Eat

Sepoc Beach has limited facilities, with only a pavilion and restrooms available. Therefore, there are no restaurants or shops on site. However, you can arrange for meals in advance for your lunch. You can request to have your set lunch at Sepoc Beach if you’ve booked a day tour package. Again, it’s important to coordinate with the management before your visit.

Also, you are welcome to bring drinking water and snacks, but please don’t forget to take your trash with you when you leave the beach to keep the area clean.

Eagle's Nest Bar and Restaurant Batangas

Additionally, Eagle Point Resort’s in-house bar and restaurant, the Eagle’s Nest, offers a variety of Filipino and international dishes, available à la carte. The portions are quite generous, suitable for sharing between two people.

While a buffet arrangement is possible, it’s usually only offered on weekends and requires a minimum of a hundred guests. The cost per person starts at P600, depending on the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to book the Sepoc Tour only?

NO. As previously mentioned, you need to book a day tour or overnight stay at Eagle Point Resort to access Sepoc Beach. You still need to pay for the boat ride, entrance to Sepoc Beach, and environmental fee apart from the resort day tour fee or overnight room booking.


When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Sepoc Beach is between December and April. This is the dry season in the country, so there’s less chance of rainfall during this period. However, expect weekends and holidays to be crowded. If possible, it’s best to schedule your trip on weekdays.

The peak summer season in the Philippines is from March to May when higher heat index levels are recorded. If you prefer milder temperatures, consider booking your trip between November and February.

We visited the place last May on a Tuesday and had it all to ourselves!


What are the facilities at Sepoc Beach?

The only man-made structures at Sepoc Beach Center are the large open hut (pavilion) with a viewing deck fronting it and the toilet/shower area. The pavilion has tables and chairs available for guests to use.

Sepoc Beach Center Pavilion
Sepoc Beach Pavilion (Big Hut)


Is it allowed to pitch a tent?

Tent pitching is currently not allowed at Sepoc Beach. As mentioned earlier, overnight stays are not permitted, and camping is prohibited even during day trips. This is to ensure that the area remains as pristine as possible.


Are there shower rooms and toilets at Sepoc Beach Center?

YES. The shower area and the toilets are located on the left side of the large open hut or the pavilion along the main beach.

Sepoc Shower and Toilet Area
Shower and Toilet Area


How’s the mobile phone signal in the area?

The mobile phone network signal is patchy, so expect intermittent data connections. This applies to both Smart and Globe networks. But hey, this is a great opportunity to disconnect, soak up the sun, and commune with nature.


Is Sepoc Beach safe?

It is generally safe here. As an exclusive beach managed by Eagle Point Resort, it is provided with caretakers and staff to assist guests with their needs and questions. Still, it’s important to always be vigilant and secure your belongings. In our case, we were the only people there at that time, so we were confident enough to leave our belongings while we went exploring and swimming. However, we still had to make sure they were secure, especially our snacks, because a crow almost swiped one of them!

Also, if you don’t know how to swim or are not a strong swimmer, it’s best to stay close to the shore. Additionally, wear protective footwear or aqua shoes because some areas have sharp rocks and coral stones.


Are pets allowed at Sepoc Beach?

NO. Pets are currently not permitted at Sepoc Beach AND within the Eagle Point Resort’s premises.

Tips and Reminders

Here are some tips and reminders before you go:

  • Leave early. It’s best to leave Manila early to beat the traffic and to make the most of your trip, especially if you are only going on a day tour.
  • Bring sun protection. Grab a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and an environment-friendly sunscreen. Please avoid products containing chemicals like oxybenzone, benzophenone, and parabens as they are harmful to marine life.
  • Wear aqua shoes or protective footwear. Protect your feet from sharp corals and rocks. Corals may look stunning, especially underwater, but they are also sharp! This is also a reminder to avoid stepping on corals when snorkeling.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated. This is important, especially during summer when heat index levels are higher than usual. Don’t forget to bring your trusted reusable water container. As the saying goes: “Drink your water, beach listers!”
  • Let’s be responsible travelers. Please bring your trash with you if there’s no trash bin. Remember the “Leave No Trace” principle: Take Nothing But Photos, Kill Nothing But Time, Leave Nothing But Footprints!

Sample Itinerary

Here are two sample itineraries for Sepoc Beach tour. One is a day tour itinerary, while the other one includes an overnight stay at Eagle Point Resort. This assumes that you are traveling as a group of four (4) people and sharing some of the expenses. Please feel free to make adjustments based on your preferences.

Day Tour Itinerary

– Bus to Batangas City Grand Terminal: P249/person
– Jeepney to Downtown Mabini: P60/person
– Tricycle to Eagle Point Resort: P150/4 = P37.50/person
– Confirm your bookings: P1,500/person (Resort Day Tour)
– Pay Sepoc Tour Fees: P300/person (Entrance); P50/person (Environmental)
– Boat to Sepoc Beach: P3,750/4 = P938/person
– Stop at Sombrero Island: P500/4 = P125/person (Boat); P200/person (Entrance)
– Arrival at Sepoc Beach
– Trek to the viewpoint
– Lunch
– Explore
– Swim, beach bum, snorkel
– Back to Eagle Point Resort
– Take advantage of the resort facilities: swimming pool, game room, etc.
– Free shuttle to tricycle terminal
– Tricycle to Downtown Mabini: P150/4 = P37.50/person
– Jeep to Batangas Grand Terminal: P60/person
– Bus to Manila: P249/person

This itinerary will cost you approximately P4,500 with some miscellaneous expenses. Lunch set is already included in the resort’s day tour package. It’s important to consider potential price changes and incidental expenses when allocating budget for tis trip.


Overnight Itinerary

Day 1

– Bus to Batangas City Grand Terminal: P249/person
– Jeepney to Downtown Mabini: P60/person
– Tricycle to Eagle Point Resort: P150/4 = P37.50/person
– Check in/Confirm overnight room booking
– Pay Sepoc Tour Fees: P300/person (Entrance); P50/person (Environmental)
– Boat to Sepoc Beach: P3,750/4 = P938/person
– Stop at Sombrero Island: P500/4 = P125/person (Boat); P200/person (Entrance)
– Arrival at Sepoc Beach
– Trek to the viewpoint
– Lunch
– Explore
– Swim, beach bum, snorkel
– Back to Eagle Point Resort
– Freshen up
– Watch the sunset
– Dinner

Day 2

– Breakfast
– Snorkel, kayak, or banana boat ride
– Take advantage of the resort facilities: swimming pool, game room, etc.
– Freshen up
– Check out
– Lunch
– Free shuttle to tricycle terminal
– Tricycle to Downtown Mabini: P150/4 = P37.50/person
– Jeep to Batangas Grand Terminal: P60/person
– Bus to Manila: P249/person

This itinerary will set you back around P6,500. This covers standard hotel accommodation, food, and some extra expenses, but excluding water sports and other activity fees. For your reference, a meal at the resort usually costs around P500 and the standard room rate for two (2) people is more or less P4,500. It’s important to budget for potential price changes and incidental expenses.

Tingloy Emergency Numbers

Here are some local emergency hotlines of the Municipality of Tingloy in Batangas:

  • Tingloy Police Station
    Address: Barangay 15 (Poblacion 3), Tingloy, Batangas
    Mobile: +63 977 746 4396
  • Bureau of Fire Protection
    Address: Tingloy, Batangas
    Mobile: +63 935 864 5520 | +63 938 873 4595
    E-mail: tingloyfpo@gmail.com

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