2024 CLUB LAIYA, BATANGAS Travel Guide and Tips (Plus Camperisti & Cocoons Overnight Stay!)

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Laiya has established itself as the premier beach destination in Batangas, drawing in a high number of visitors from Manila. Due to its immense popularity, the name “Laiya”, which actually refers to two barangays, has become the signature label for the entire southern coast of San Juan, Batangas.

The coastline is adorned with an abundance of public and private resorts, providing visitors with more than enough accommodation options. We recently checked out Club Laiya, which offers not one, but two unconventional lodging options. So, if you’re on the hunt for something unique among beach resorts near Manila, keep on reading!

Club Laiya Overview

Club Laiya is one of the two “Beach Town” communities being developed by Landco Pacific Corporation in Batangas. CaSoBe in Calatagan is the other one, but that’s another story. We will make a separate article for it. Going back to Club Laiya, it is a 24-hectare seaside estate that combines leisure tourism and resort living. It covers a rising beachside residential community, several planned commercial spaces, and a beachfront resort — which is the focus of this article.

As mentioned earlier, two unique hotel concepts are “cocooned” and “camped” within the resort — Cocoons and Camperisti. Cocoons features units that look like huge cylindrical concrete drainage pipes. It works like a sleeping pod in a capsule hotel but with extra amenities. Camperisti, on the other hand, takes glamping to another level with Airstream-inspired camper trailers right by the beach, each with its own outdoor porch.

Both properties are owned and managed by Millennial Resorts Corporation, a subsidiary of Landco Pacific Corporation. This article will serve as your guide to help you plan your trip here, so keep on reading!

Day Tour vs Overnight Stay

Your decision will depend on your budget, time, and the things you want to do at the resort. Just a reminder that advance booking or reservation is required for both day tours and overnight stays.

Day Tour

If you can only afford to spend a limited amount of time for a beach getaway, consider taking a day tour. Laiya Beach Club is Club Laiya’s centerpiece. Think of it as an open-air living room where it welcomes and entertains its visitors. You can swim and relax by the pool, unwind in one of the cabanas, try water sports, or simply chill by the beach. Below are the day tour rates and schedule for your quick reference.

Laiya Beach Club
Laiya Beach Club


Day Tour Schedule

  • 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Monday, Wednesday – Sunday


Day Tour Rates

January – July | December 1 – 29

  • Weekdays: Adult – P1,050; Child – P525
  • Weekends: Adult – P1,200; Child – P600

August 1 – September 30

  • Weekdays: Adult – P850; Child – P425
  • Weekends, Holidays & Long Weekends: Adult – P1,000; Child – P500

October 1 – November 30

  • Weekdays: Adult – P1,000; Child – P500
  • Weekends: Adult – P1,150; Child – P575


  • Weekdays: Adult – P1,100; Child – P550
  • Weekends: Adult – P1,250; Child – P625


  1. These schedule and rates are subject to change without prior notice, so it’s best to check Millennial Resorts’ official website or Club Laiya’s Facebook page for updates.
  2. The child rate applies to those whose height is 4ft and below. Meanwhile, children who are one (1) year old and below are free of charge.



The day tour rates already include the following:

Free use of the swimming pool
Free Parking
Access to the beach
Access to other resort facilities

  • The Sands
  • Captain Barbozza
  • Cabanas
  • Water Sports
  • Shower Rooms and Toilets

You can score a great deal when you book via Klook!



Other Rental Rates

Club Laiya Cabanas

Cabanas and towels are also available for day tour guests. Here are the rates:

  • Towel Rental: P200/person
  • Cabana Rental: P1,500 (6-8 Pax); P2,000 (18-20 Pax)


Overnight Stay

If you are on the lookout for a unique lodging experience, you’re in the right place! Club Laiya offers two distinct hotel concepts, each with its own charm and appeal.

Club Laiya Camperisti and Cocoons
Camperisti and Cocoons

We booked one of Camperisti’s camper trailers for an overnight stay. This experience was definitely the highlight of our time here. As for Cocoons, we were not able to try the sleeping pods here BUT we did try the ones at CaSoBe in Calatagan (2021), which are pretty much the same.

What we love about these two concept hotels is that they provide people with options other than the typical four-walled rooms. More details in the next section.

Where to Stay


Camperisti is ideal for groups of four to six people. Currently, there are four beachfront camper trailers available. Each has a queen-sized bed, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a living/lounge area, free WiFi connection, shower and toilet, and an outdoor porch.

Club Laiya Camperisti

If you’re also interested in booking a night at Camperisti, here are the rates. Note that the standard check-in time is at 2:00 PM, while the standard check-out time is at 12:00 PM.


Peak Season

January – July (Except Holidays)


  • Weekdays: P11,070 net/night
  • Weekends: P11,520 net/night

Premier Camperisti

  • Weekdays: P12,870 net/night
  • Weekends: P13,320 net/night

Super Peak Season

Holidays (Including December 24 & 31)


  • Weekdays: P11,340 net/night
  • Weekends: P11,790 net/night

Premier Camperisti

  • Weekdays: P13,140 net/night
  • Weekends: P13,590 net/night


Inclusions and Amenities

Camperisti Outdoor Overview

Below are the lists of the usual inclusions and amenities.


  • Pool Access
  • Direct Beach Access
  • Loungers
  • Beach Chairs
  • Cabanas
  • Complimentary Parking


  • Flat-screen Cable TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee and Tea Facilities
  • Bottled Water
  • Bath and Pool Towels
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safety Deposit Box


REMINDER! Due to the limited number of camper trailers, it’s important to book or reserve in advance to secure your slot for the date you are planning to stay overnight.



Cocoons are perfect for solo travelers, couples, and small families. You can choose to stay at a Poolside Cocoon or a Garden Cocoon. Although the maximum capacity per unit is two adult persons, it can still accommodate one additional child (0-6 years old).

Cocoons Club Laiya

Each cocoon has a queen-sized bed, a mini fridge, a flat-screen TV, and free WiFi connection. Guests are provided with shared shower rooms and toilet cubicles.

If you prefer to stay in one of the Cocoons, here are the rates. Keep in mind that the standard check-in time is at 2:00 PM, while the standard check-out time is at 12:00 PM.


Peak Season

January – July | December


  • Weekdays: P4,986 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,436 net/night

Premier Garden

  • Weekdays: P5,121 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,571 net/night


  • Weekdays: P5,256 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,706 net/night

Premier Poolside

  • Weekdays: P5,526 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,976 net/night

Super Peak Season

Holidays (Including December 24 & 31)


  • Weekdays: P5,256 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,706 net/night

Premier Garden

  • Weekdays: P5,391 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,841 net/night


  • Weekdays: P5,526 net/night
  • Weekends: P5,976 net/night

Premier Poolside

  • Weekdays: P5,796 net/night
  • Weekends: P6,246 net/night


Inclusions and Amenities

Cocoons Outdoor View

Below are the lists of the usual inclusions and amenities.


  • Pool Access
  • Direct Beach Access
  • Bath House and Toilet Access
  • Loungers
  • Beach Chairs
  • Cabanas
  • Complimentary Parking


  • Flat-screen Cable TV
  • Minibar/Mini Fridge
  • Coffee and Tea Facilities
  • Bottled Water
  • Bath and Pool Towels
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safety Deposit Box


REMINDER! Due to the limited number of cocoons, it’s important to book or reserve in advance to secure your slot for the date you are planning to stay overnight.

How to Get There

Club Laiya is located in Barangay Laiya Aplaya in San Juan, Batangas. It’s quite far from the town center — over 20 kilometers away or about 30 minutes travel time. The NEW San Juan Municipal Hall along San Juan – Laiya Road in Barangay Buhay na Sapa is the nearest landmark. Don’t confuse it with the Old Municipal Hall which is located in Barangay Poblacion or the town center.

From the new municipal hall, you still need to cover about 20 kilometers (around 25 minutes) to reach Club Laiya. We recommend traveling by private car over using public transportation if convenience is your priority.

Private Car

If you’re driving your car or using a private car, you just need to whip out your smartphone and open Google Maps or Waze to help you navigate easily.

  1. Drive through SLEX and STAR Tollway, then take either Lipa or Ibaan Exit. Coming from Manila, head south on the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), then STAR Tollway. Take the Lipa Exit or Ibaan Exit, both of which will lead you to Padre Garcia.
  2. Pass through the towns of Padre Garcia and Rosario. Continue driving through Padre Garcia and Rosario until you reach the San Juan town center.
  3. From San Juan town center, take the San Juan – Laiya Road. Turn right onto San Juan – Laiya Road from the Old Municipal Hall. Keep driving until you reach the Municipal Tourism Reception Area.
  4. San Juan Municipal Tourism Area and Club Laiya Entrance

  5. Pay the ecological fee at the Municipal Tourism Reception Area. Stop by the Municipal Tourism Reception Area to pay an ecological fee. It is located right after the New San Juan Municipal Hall. The ecological fee is P20 per person.
  6. Park your car and head to the reception area. Continue driving for about 20 minutes until you reach Club Laiya. Look for the driveway to the resort on your left, right after the bridge. A security personnel will greet you and direct you to the parking area.
  7. Finally, confirm your booking and reservation at the reception lobby. If you’re part of a group, select someone to act as your representative. After this, you will be guided to your designated camper trailer, cocoon, or cabana.

Travel Time: 3-4 Hours
San Juan Ecological Fee: P20/person
Parking Fee: FREE


Public Transportation

However, if public transportation is your only option, here’s how to get to Club Laiya from Manila via public transportation.

Manila to San Juan Town Center

Alps San Juan Batangas Bus Terminal
Alps San Juan Batangas Terminal
  1. From Manila, board a bus bound for San Juan, Batangas. Alps Bus is one of the bus companies running the Manila-San Juan, Batangas route. It has terminals in Cubao, Buendia, PITX, BGC, and Alabang. Depending on the route and the traffic conditions, the travel duration is around three hours. The fare is around P300 per person. For more details, you can also check out our MANILA to BATANGAS Bus Guide article.
  2. Upon arrival at the bus terminal in downtown San Juan, walk to the public market. Alps bus terminal sits along the main road in Barangay Poblacion, which is the town center. Cross the street towards Jollibee and continue walking along Kalayaan Street to San Juan Public Market. This only takes around five minutes.


San Juan Town Center to Club Laiya

Club Laiya Entrance

  1. From downtown San Juan, take a jeepney or hire a tricycle to Club Laiya. You’ll find the jeepney and tricycle terminals near San Juan Public Market. Tell the driver you’re going to Club Laiya. The jeepney fare is P50-60, while the tricycle fare is more or less P350. The travel time is approximately 30 minutes.
  2. Alight at Club Laiya. If you choose to ride a jeepney, which is the cheaper mode of transportation, you still need to walk about 200 meters from the main road to the resort’s reception area. On the other hand, taking a tricycle may cost more but you will be dropped off right at the driveway leading to the lobby.
  3. Confirm your booking and reservation at the reception lobby. If you’re part of a group, select someone to act as your representative. After this, you will be guided to your designated camper trailer, cocoon, or cabana.

Welcome to Club Laiya! Take a breath, relax, and have your well-deserved vacation.

Travel Time: Approximately 4 hours


  • Bus to San Juan Town Center: P300-350/person
  • Jeepney to Club Laiya: P50-60/person
  • Chartered Tricycle to Club Laiya: P350

NOTE: Since we traveled by private car, we’re not sure if public modes of transportation like jeepneys and tricycles also pass by the Municipal Tourism Reception Area for the collection of ecological fees. We’ve reached out to the Tourism of San Juan, Batangas Facebook page and was advised to either ask the driver or opt to pay the ecological fee upon arrival at your chosen resort.

Things to Do

Overnight Stay at Camperisti or Cocoons

This experience took the number one spot on our list of things to do here. The unique take on hotels aims to elevate the level of hotel experience, whether staying in an intimate cocoon unit or a luxurious camper trailer. Each lodging presents breathtaking views of the garden, the pool area, or the beachfront.

Camperisti and Cocoons Views
Views from Camperisti (left) and Cocoons (right).

And since you’ll have more time to explore the resort, don’t miss the opportunity to take plenty of photos. Take advantage also of the outdoor sand pit, which comfortably lies between the swimming pool area and the beach.


Swim in the Infinity Pool

The expansive swimming area is the first thing you’ll see once you emerge from the stairs leading up to it from the reception area. The design and positioning do not detract from the natural beauty of the beach, but instead, they direct your gaze to the wide stretch of white sand and the calm waters.

Laiya Beach Club Infinity Pool

The swimming area includes an infinity pool and kiddie pools. The depth ranges from 2ft to 4ft, but kids should be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

Opening Schedule: Until 6:00 PM only
Depths: 2ft – 4ft
Appropriate Swimwear: swimsuits, rash guards, board shorts, and trunks


Laze on the Beach

Club Laiya Beachfront

For your dose of Vitamin Sea, head to the beach and enjoy the sprawling shore blanketed with soft cream-colored sand. Read a book, soak up the sun, stroll along the beach, or simply enjoy the moment. If you wish to swim, you’ll be happy to know that the waters here are generally calm and clear.

Swimming Hours: Until 6:00 PM only


Enjoy Water Sports with Friends or Families

Club Laiya Water Sports

If you’re into water sports, you’re in luck! The beach is also a perfect setting for beach volleyball and thrilling water activities such as kayaking, parasailing, and riding a banana boat, a fly fish, or a disco ball UFO. You can also rent a jet ski and a speed boat. Have an adventure-packed day with your friends or loved ones!


  • Kayak: P300 (30 Mins); P600 (1 Hr)
  • Jet Ski: P2,500 (30 Mins); P4,500 (1 Hr)
  • Banana Boat (15 Minutes): P1,500 (Min of 5 Pax); P3,000 (Max of 10 Pax)
  • Fly Fish: P2,400 (Min 5 Pax, Max 6 Pax); P400/person (Min 5 Pax, Max 6 Pax)
  • Disco Ball UFO (15 Minutes): P2,400 (Min of 6 Pax); P4,800 (Max of 12 Pax); P400/person
  • Parasail: P3,000 (15 Mins, 2 Pax)
  • Speed Boat: P6,500 (1 Hr, 6 Pax)


Chill and Dine

Club Laiya Restaurants

After all the fun activities, your body will surely go into auto-pilot mode and direct your steps to one of the two onsite restaurants for a nice, relaxing meal. One is located just above the reception area, while the other one offers a lovely beachfront setting. More information in the next section.

Where to Eat

The Sands and Captain Barbozza are the two in-house restaurants. We checked out both dining spots during our stay.

The Sands

This dining place is the one near Cocoons, the reception, and the pool area. It mainly serves modern Filipino cuisine. For dinner, we tried the Bagnet Tofu Sisig and the Shrimp in a Bucket. They were good, but I really liked the shrimp because of the sauce. Or maybe I just prefer seafood. Anyway, the servings are good for two to three people.

The Sands Club Laiya Food

The Sands Menu Price Range

For your reference, here are the price ranges of the items on the menu:


  • Breakfast
    (Continental, American, Filipino): P350
  • Appetizers & Starters: P290 – P420
  • Chicken: P490 – P540
  • Pork: P480 – P970
  • Beef: P540 – P970
  • Seafood: P510 – P1,090
  • Steaks & Chops: P540 – P990
  • Snacks: P250 – P320
  • Vegetables: P410 – P420
  • Desserts: P250 – P310
  • Rice: P40 – P70


  • Soda: P60 – P140
  • Juice: P70 – P170
  • Beer (Can): P80 – P140
  • Fruit Shake: P200 – P210
  • Fruit Juice (Pitcher): P270 – P280

Operating Hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Note: The rates may change without prior notice and the opening schedule is subject to weather conditions.


Captain Barbozza

This beachside bar and restaurant is closer to Camperisti’s camper trailers and the sand pit lounge area. It offers comfort food, cocktails, and local and international dishes. For after-dinner drinks and dessert, we had Strawberry Yogurt, Lemon Cucumber, and Brownie ala Mode. And yes, this is our kind of nightcap. Haha! No cocktails, but maybe next time!

Captain Barbozza Club Laiya Food

Captain Barbozza Menu Price Range

Here are the price ranges of the items on the menu:


  • Pinoy Picks: P220 – P480
  • Japanese Hits: P320 – P420
  • Bangin’ Burrito: P270 – P300
  • Peri-Peri: P350 – P880
  • Ribs: P400 – P1,300
  • Chicken: P380 – P720
  • Shack Bowls: P270 – P290
  • Soup & Salad: P190 – P320
  • Seafood: P350 – P700
  • Pasta: P330 – P380
  • Pizza: P460 – P570
  • Buns & Sandwiches: P260 – P360
  • Nibblers: P120 – P440
  • Dessert: P190 – P220
  • Kids Meal: P260 – P280
  • Comfort Food & Snacks: P150 – P500
  • Party Pans: P850 – P2,400


  • Fresh Fruit Juice: Glass, P120 – P150 | Liter, P220 – P280
  • Shake: P220 – P230
  • Fruit Shake: Glass, P200 | Liter, P380
  • Milk Shake: P400
  • Iced Coffee: Glass, P120 – P160 | Liter, P220 – P340
  • Iced Tea: Glass, P90 | Liter, P175
  • Brewed Coffee: P80
  • Hot Tea: P80
  • Canned Soda/Juice: P55 – P95
  • Beer: Bottle, P110 – P130 | Bucket of 6, P599
  • Classic Cocktails: Glass, P180 | Liter, P320
  • Frozen Cocktails: Glass, P250 | Liter, P400
  • Spirits & Wines: Shot, P70 – P500 | 700ml, P1,000 – P6,100

Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Note: The rates may change without prior notice and the opening schedule is subject to weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to bring outside food?

YES, you can bring outside food. However, note that there is a corkage fee for outside food and for bringing alcoholic drinks. Here are the corkage fees:

  • Outside Food: P200/person
  • Local Alcoholic Drink: P500/bottle
  • Imported Alcoholic Drink: P1,000/bottle

Light snacks such as cookies, chips, chocolates, and sodas are permitted without incurring the corkage fee. Lastly, bringing cooking equipment is not allowed.


Is there a restroom for day tour guests?

YES, day tour guests share restrooms with Cocoons guests. The toilet area is separate from the shower room, but they are adjacent to each other.

Club Laiya Restrooms


Is there a changing or locker room for day tour guests?

Yes, the shower room serves as a changing room, too. Aside from the shower stalls, you’ll also find lockers for your valuables, changing clothes, and other stuff.

Club Laiya Shared Shower and Locker Room


How’s the mobile phone signal in the area?

Based on our experience, the mobile phone network coverage and signal for both Smart and Globe are strong in the area. Again, Camperisti and Cocoons provide guests with free WiFi. However, we can only vouch for our camper trailer’s excellent WiFi connection since we only stayed at Camperisti. We’re not sure if it’s the same for Cocoons.


Are pets allowed at the resort?

YES, pets are welcome at the resort. However, only dogs and cats are permitted and pet fee applies. Take note of the pet policy, including height and weight requirements. The pet fee covers the entire stay. Here are the rates:

  • Day Tour: P800/pet
  • Overnight: P1,500/pet

Tips and Reminders

Here are some tips and reminders before you go:

  • Leave early. Starting early means more time to spend at the resort, especially if you are only going on a day tour. Also, it’s always best to leave Manila early to beat the traffic!
  • Bring sun protection like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. When buying a sunscreen, grab those that are reef-friendly. Avoid those brands containing chemicals that are harmful to marine life like oxybenzone, benzophenone, and parabens.
  • Protect your feet from small stones and crushed shells by wearing aqua shoes. Although a huge portion of the beach is covered in supple sand, the area where the water meets the shore are peppered with small stones and crushed shells.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. As the saying goes: “Drink your water, beach listers!” Don’t forget to bring your trusted reusable water tumbler. This is also one of the ways to practice sustainable tourism.
  • Let’s be responsible travelers. Please bring your trash with you if there’s no trash bin. Remember the “Leave No Trace” principle: Take Nothing But Photos, Kill Nothing But Time, Leave Nothing But Footprints!

Club Laiya/Millennial Resorts Contact Information

For your reference, here are the contact details:

  • Official Website: millennial-resorts.com | clublaiya.com
  • E-mail: info@millennial-resorts.com | reservations@millennial-resorts.com | inquire@clublaiya.com
  • Landline: +63 (2) 8836 5055
  • Facebook Page: Club Laiya (@clublaiyaofc)
  • Instagram: @clublaiya.official

San Juan Emergency Numbers

Here are some local emergency hotlines of the Municipality of San Juan in Batangas:

  • Municipal Police Station
    Landline: +63 (43) 575 4602 | +63 (43) 575 9701
    Mobile: +63 915 385 0205 | +63 998 598 5701
  • Bureau of Fire Protection
    Landline: +63 (43) 575 3111
    Mobile: +63 915 602 2026 | +63 939 713 9474
  • MDRRMO San Juan Batangas
    Landline: +63 (43) 726 5826 Local 237, 238, & 239
    Mobile: +63 998 590 5102 | +63 945 841 2692 | +63 928 831 8440 (ERU Laiya) | +63 928 831 8411 (ERU BSapa)
  • Philippine Coast Guard San Juan
    Mobile: +63 970 134 7497
  • San Juan District Hospital
    Landline: +63 (43) 575 5432
    E-mail: sanjuan_districthospital@yahoo.com
  • Municipal Tourism Office
    Landline: +63 (43) 575 4697
    Mobile: +63 961 955 2607 | +63 977 156 8826
    E-mail: tourism@sanjuanbatangas.gov.ph

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