3 Ways You Can Help Fight for Cleaner Energy

Travelers are in a great position to initiate conversations about the environment because we experience first-hand the importance of various ecosystems. When we conquer mountaintops, laze on ivory beaches, and dive into the vibrance of the underwater world, we are presented with the sheer beauty and power of nature. We

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Panay Island: Places to Visit

When one mentions Panay, the first thing that comes to mind is the white sand beach and sunsets of Boracay. Boracay is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines, whether for local or foreign tourists. Because it’s part of Aklan, it also drives tourism in other parts of

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6 Top-Rated Resorts in Laguna

Laguna has a lot to share about history. Historic landmarks and museums are never lacking — Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Pila Museum in Pila, Monterola Museum in Nagcarlan, Museum of Natural History and IRRI Rice World Museum in Los Baños, Bahay Laguna in Magdalena, and AERA Museum in San Pablo.

Top 5 Resorts in Laiya, Batangas

San Juan (Batangas) is a delightful place for adventure-seekers who wish to climb Mt Daguldol, explore the Mangrove Forest, and/or trek to Naambon Falls. All these (and more) contribute to the tourism industry of San Juan, but the most popular is Laiya, famous for its stretch of white sand.

5 Top-Rated Resorts in Rizal

For summit-seekers, challenge yourselves with some of Rizal’s numerous natural highs such as Mt Daraitan, Mt Pamitinan, Mt Binacayan, Mt Hapunang Banoy, Mt Tagapo, Mt Balagbag, Mt Maranat, Mt Sipit Ulang, and Mt Batolusong. You can also, take a plunge into the cool waters of Palo Alto Falls, Kinamatayan Falls,

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